Tar And Chip

Tar And Chip

Chip Sealing Is A Thin Film Of Heated Asphalt Liquid Sprayed On The Road Surface, Followed By The Placement Of Small Aggregate (“Chips”). The Chips Are Then Compacted To Orient The Chips For Maximum Adherence To The Asphalt, And Excess Stone Is Swept From The Surface.

This Protects The Pavement From The Effects Of Sun And Water, Increases Skid Resistance, Fills Small Cracks And Other Surface Defects.

And our chip sealing service is a less expensive and you don’t have to spend too much of your money on maintenance.

Tar And Chip Services

  • Low maintenance
  • Hot tar
  • No seal coat
  • Colored rock chip seals
  • Cost effective
  • Emulsified asphalt
  • Uniform rock or aggregates

Is Chip Sealing for You?

Give us a call for your free estimate and find out if chip sealing is for you.

If your driveway or commercial lot is in really bad shape, we have years of experience giving you top-notch asphalt paving services.